mergers and acquisitions, m&a

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Mergers and Acquisitions, M&A

Our company BURZA PODNIKŮ a.s. is lead by a team of experienced professionals in the area of procurement and divestiture of corporations, generally known as corporate mergers and acquisitions or “M&A”.

BURZA PODNIKŮ a.s. renders services to corporation, respectively to their owners and managers focusing on the following areas:

  • Purchasing Corporations
  • Corporate Divestiture
  • Analyses of your Corporation
  • Valuation of Corporation, Business Interests and Shares

The services we offer gain in importance in connection with the current economic crises, which by now has reached into every corner of Czech commercial sphere, thus has impacted upon the stability of thousands of corporations.  It might be irresponsible to anticipate that, the crises concerns a short-lived ”storm” passing with dawn and all is to remain as before. Most serious foreign advisors anticipate this situation to remain for several years, sustaining a difficult growth-corrective period of the last ten years.  

Thus, the extraordinary situation calls for extraordinary efforts for your corporation to be around in five years. Our experts are convinced that, timing is everything as far as ”fight for survival” is concerned. In reality it means to analyze market and financial strengths of your corporation, diagnose weak points within the corporate environment, device the time frame for strategic crises management, mercilessly dispose of all ”dead loads” (such as non-productive machinery and assets, unprofitable production programs, or workforce, etc.), consolidate financial resources, and take such steps in the management of your corporation leading to long term stability.

Under the circumstance of current economic environment, procrastination leads nowhere. Should you chose to procrastinate you are already outside of playing field.

Cooperating with BURZA PODNIKŮ a.s. shall introduce a time-tested professional decision system into your decision making - void of random guesses.  In this respect, our professionals are fully experienced locally as well as internationally.

 A list of actual offers anad requirements follows:






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